Breakfast before liftoff

12″ reason to inch toward Arizona

Thoughts at the table over eggs, toast, & a morning beverage.

Squeeze oranges, you get orange juice. Squeeze pineapples, you get pineapple juice. Squeeze cranberries, cranberry juice, but squeeze apricots……..

Speaking of nectar, is anyone else concerned that a parasite in the thorax of honeybees might threaten pollination of a third of the world’s food supply ? Universal war over food, not oil, may destroy us long before global warming, an irony created by an invisible microbe. Not funny, but curiously amusing. Unless you’re Al Gore.

On a lighter note, welcome to the new year and the A/S Life columnists. Jack and I head southwest this week and you are welcome to follow along in our carbon tire tread. Say hello to Jack; a terrier of suspicious ancestry, likely the result of hasty, unplanned dog sex, and my constant companion on the road. Since he does not have a driver’s license, he may take time to write entries of his own.

But for now, in the pursuit of world survival, give the bacteriologist or beekeeper in your life a big hug today.