The Moose in the Sauna

or was I thinking the moon and the sun ?

Only days after an entry eschewing any semblance to corporate nonsense, the committee for The Vintage Trailer Jam sent a five page pdf file with Pre-Event Instructions. By the third paragraph the word “bullpen” appears, even though I had specifically pleaded for no references to the BALL GAME.

What follows are absurd requirements,like credentials,

mandatory name badges,

and the admonition to abide by the Golden Rule.

Anyone causing a problem will be ejected from the event and no refunds will be given.

Enforcement will be administered by, guess ? A bunch of corporate cast-offs clad in t-shirts emblazoned,

VTJ 08 STAFF    

Well I hope they offer a few bananas in this republic.


Which brings me to tonight’s subject…..don’t you hate the silent dictators in our lives ? Those little known people ordering you around, but never showing their faces ?

Look, I’m elderly, unemployed, enjoy moving slowly, and often the fastest thing I have to do in a day is remove card quickly at the gas pump.

Why ?

 Would they please lower the price of gas as fast as they expect me to act ?    


I can think of something I’d like to insert fully; lay down sideways please.    

Even though I quit smoking during the waning days of the Lyndon Johnson administration, this is one that always scalded my fanny,

Does anyone use matches anymore ? Do you have to close a cover on the Bic lighter, or the propane Lighter pistols from the Wal-Mart ?  If I burn my finger, will they say ” @w s#it” for me three times ?    dscn1032.JPG  

Then this appears on a bag of my wifes’ tea. Blockheads.  They’ve already removed the caffeine, and if that was not enough, one should handle the bag softly.   Wouldn’t want to bend or damage the shredded tea leaves, would  we ?


On to Saratoga, the quasi police state, to join in the fun. And yes, it was a moose in the sauna.dscn1035.JPG