Those stories, and Andy Rooney, tonight on ….

this won’t take nearly as long as the cold and dark of winter melt into the light and hope of spring, that eternal rhythm of the universe where there are no mistakes or failures, is Andy getting soft? I’ve watched him for 30+ years, hoping that at least once, I could disagree with his grumbling. So far he is batting a thousand.

But enough of this narrative. We’ll leave the wordiness to the computer and camera geeks, and instead, provide more amateur photos with a theme. I’m reminded of the legendary Seinfeld character, Cosimo Kramer, who, upon arriving in Hollywood, lands a one-line role in a sit-com.

“These pretzels are making me thirsty”

So put down your remote, hands off the mouse, and pay attention as I turn your attention to water:

In southern Arizona, where it is so dry and often necessary to lease water


After reading the top line, isn’t the bottom line redundant ?


As if there aren’t enough reasons to avoid Orange County, in southern California


Above the doorway of a gas station in Albaquerque, NM, ~~400 miles north of the border.


Saratoga Springs, NY, 2008 site of the aromatic Vintage Trailer Jam and some very stinky spring water


Family secret. A lady who would never use a chemical toilet facility, but prefers a kleenex tissue and a trip into the woods