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R & B Productions LLC.  And were you expecting, the Real Housewives of Jackson Center ?


At Phil’s Market, a real cashier

Yes, the Alumapalooza Rally is a wrap.   What began five days earlier, slowly, but inexorably, became a small community with a distinct personality.  Although temporary, everyone had the positive vapor that the memory will become permanent, and it already has.

Here is the benchmark established by the most successful independent rally in the Airstream world.

  • No one bolted early
  • Everyone was reluctant to leave
  • Jimi Hendrix playing the National Anthem on Saturday morning
  • No ukelele concert

On a less serious note, you might consider early registration for 2011.  Although the field can hold more than the 120 units this year, 200 is probably the maximum, and the popularity of the event will grow exponentially, rain or no rain.

Full disclosure: I have no financial interest in promoting the event, no stock options, no t-shirts or CDs for sale, and I will not accept comps or bribes (although I can be flexible here).

On the subject of flexibility, note the gurus of yoga, sKY and slaDE, on the right, demonstrating fly exercises.  But can anyone explain the contortions of noted photographers, Bert Gildart and Alison Turner, who are both professionals.


Do not attempt without adult supervision


In Celina, OH, the J. A. Long Company, a good place to buy hides and butter, wholesale. 

Many residents of Arizona employ phonetics to assist in spelling Tucson, i.e., “tucks on”, thereby placing the ‘c’ before the ‘s’.  In rural western Ohio, near the Indiana border, lies the small burg of Tocsin.  A local simply calls it TOXIN.  Does the E.P.A. know ?  Why not call it toxin, an easy name to remember?  Xanax, Xerox, Kotex, Axion; see how easy it is to recall brand names with an ‘x’.


Rural Superfund site


A happy couple, with dog Jack, bidding a fond adieu to the Airstream backlot and papparazzi.

Perhaps next year the Saturday morning theme song will be the classic Cole Porter (Indiana born) song for aluminum lovers, the rendition by Sinatra;

I´ve got you under my skin.
I´ve got you deep in the heart of me.
So deep in my heart that you´re really a part of me.

I´ve got you under my skin.


 The Old Chicago Trail from Detroit to Chicago

A sign erected in 1953, on an Indian path near Buchanan, MI. says it all.