Ultra-Van sighting, Lake Superior

At 75 cents, Marquette’s local paper, The Mining Journal, is a sixteen page bargain although 13 of them are devoted to advertising.  Here’s what I learned; two very nice men, Heikkila and Rossway, both with impeccable credentials, are running for the County Board.  Here is what they propose:

  • lower taxes
  • abolish crime
  • decrease spending
  • increase jobs
  • better highways
  • promote tourism
  • legalize lynch mobs
  • educate our brats
  • balance the budget

Regardless who wins, we are assured logical, informed, independent thinking will prevail.

The most interesting column, however, The Police Log, tells us that Tues. at 9:06 AM, on the corner of Crescent and Lakeshore, a driving complaint was reported from the previous day, presumed to be road rage.



Wakefield, WI, a 22′ high chief in need of botox requesting a urine sample from Jack

Our next stop. Bessemer, MI, to inspect a “restored” 1965 M-Benz 4dr sedan that had failed to sell on eBay. It was a total piece of cr@p, bondo in and out the w@zoo, & poorly finished in a gawdawful metallic diamond blue by a biker on meth.  It would be worth his $3000 asking price if he left $2500 in cash, stuffed in the trunk, with his lab supplies.


4 cyl., 45 HP, bubbled chrome, and a tow bar


How it should look

“Hey, it runs”, sure, but I’ve wasted 15 minutes assaying a heap of iron oxide….next stop,

Ashland, WI, on the south shore of Lake Superior, ‘Gateway to the Apostle Islands’. The municipal park and campground, strategically located on a stunning stretch of beach, marina, and waterfront splendor of swans, is in the shadow of the famed Ashland Oardock.

dscn5204.JPG40 foot high monument to the Industrial Revolution

Built from 1914-1916, it extends 1800 feet into Lake Superior, and was capable of loading large freighter ships faster than a Geico commercial.

The Kreher Park also had a celebrity trailer visitor, the famed Ultra-Van (Hutchinson, KS), featured on the Travel Channel’s hour long special of vintage RVs.  Custom-crafted on a chevy corvair chassis, it stood out like a rock star amid karaoke wannabees.  If you want to be noticed, this unit was the pheromone of the motorhome world…a steady stream of gawkers looking under your skirt.  Sweet, it resembles the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile without the mustard and bun.

dscn5192.JPGThe irresistible smiley facedscn5194.JPGVoyeurs taking a pee and a peekdscn5195.JPG“Now that’s a cute butt”

Back to that political race, I wouldn’t vote for either of those guys even if they did all the things they promised.  However, if they could eliminate road rage……..