What, the Puck ?

After the tantalizing depiction of the iconic emblem on the storied trailer from Germany on a previous post, the following displays the full monty of the Eriba Puck during the vintage trailer jam.  Puck  is a mythological  fairy  or mischievous  nature  spirit,  a personification of land spirits; no further explanation is necessary.        dscn1125.JPG  Trailered from Maryland to Saratoga, on decrepit ten inch tires, by a young Renaissance man in a VW beetle, it deserved and won the rough diamond award.    dscn1131.JPG      The Spartan Imperial Mansion, manufactured in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the early 1950s by oilman billionaire, J. Paul Getty.      dscn1073.JPGA natural segue from the fairy trailer to elves, note the smiling faces of the welcoming committee.  Another picture of the same three attractive beauties, taken from the rear, with major alterations by photoshop, is available on my tabloid  internet porn site, cutebutts.edu.      dscn1136.JPG  Brain trust at work during ‘happy hour’.   Intense relaxation.    dscn1058.JPGNo expense was spared by PR & Marketing, as corrugate and El Marko merge into an art form.          dscn1081.JPG  The essence of the VTJ, the Yensan girls from Baltimore.