And the nominee is……..

Oh who the hell cares.  The nation suffers through a 2.5 year migraine headache to determine who is going to steer the ship and no one told them the bilge pump isn’t working.  

Guys, the boat is sinking.  

Now reduced to two; proud that they have sidestepped all the losers (their now new-best-friends), and each of whom depicts the other as an inept, untested, despicable, incompetent bonehead….we get to make a choice.

My choice is labor. Not that labor, i.e., pre-eclampsia, toxemia, or cervical ripening.  No.   It’s the Labor Day walk on the Mackinac Bridge, 5 1/2 miles of fun accompanied by 50,000 other enthusiasts, all of whom have a low entertainment quotient. Why miss the opportunity when it is only offered once a year ?      Taken from the tower, 2007  Led by the lovely Jennifer Granholm, arguably the most attractive governor in the country, even though her ability at governance is in serious question, the fun begins at SEVEN A.M.    At her desk

Departing from St. Ignace  in the Upper Peninsula (hereinafter referred to as the U.P.)*  the bridge authority warns:  Participants should understand that walking involves risks of injury from falls due to the surface condition of the bridge, contact with other participants, and the effects of weather, including high winds, high heat and/or humidity.  

 So there you have it, high risk, possibly resulting in death or permanent injury, but why let that ruin a good walk across the most beautiful bridge in Mackinac County ?  091246tlb0070-98.jpg    di-000960-388.jpg  image0162001.jpg    

Today the only political issue to consider should be the mutual benefit derived from generations of genuine labor.  Sorry, but I just don’t care who the vice presidential nominees will be. And yes, the Governor of Alaska is a looker, too, the perfect brunette complement to the blonde Cindy McCain, but on Monday, we’re walking, not voting.

   *The U.P., a.k.a. The YouPee, an irregular perimeter of land surrounded by water, where the residents are decidedly square; as in uncool, nerdy, simple, & not hip.  But we love it up here anyway, even if all our female impersonators are women.