If you experience an unsafe drop in blood pressure

lasting more than four hours, then you may understand why we all have the blues.

Blue, unless you live in a vacuum, is the new green.

Otherwise healthy appearing males appear on the evening news, in a commercial format provided by Big Pharma, illustrating the need to confront their physicians and request the blue pill.  Other men seem content to occupy a porcelain, claw foot bathtub, unclothed, on a rocky beachfront, at sunset, contemplating what might occur in the next hour.  Oddly, a female, equally undressed, is adjacent in a similar appliance….their extended hands in a touching embrace.  Really.  I guess it depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is, but isn’t there a no-tell motel nearby ?

The obsession is viral, uncontrolled by the health care provider, blue cross and blue shield.  My computer contains a feature, bluetooth, which after three years, leaves me not only blueless, but clueless.  A prominent automobile manufacturer extols the virtue of its blue-tec diesel engine technology (greener than the oriental hybrids).  The cheapest fare from Buffalo (BUF) to Bogota (BOG) is on jetBlue Airways.

Politically, closet Republicans impersonating Democrats are derisively referred to as “Blue Dogs“.   Our family pet, Jack, might find that offensive, whether living in a red state or a blue state.  When thirsty, a Pabst Blue Ribbon satisfies me. My wife’s thirst, conversely, is quenched with a Blue Nile diamond.

Gene Simmons and his hard rock band Kiss, known for their facial make-up and flamboyant stage presence have succumbed to the Blue Man Group…..three guys who suffered a devastating acrylic loss in the world paintball championships. Even the venerable mass marketer, Sears Roebuck, features a perky group of salespeople, the Blue Crew, to answer all your appliance questions.  

I assume they are not referring to the same appliance under treatment by the urologists in paragraph one.

What makes me despondent ( and unresponsive to antidepressants ) is realizing after some seventy years, that the only thing I’ve ever done in a bathtub is take a bath.