H I J __ L M N O P

For the musically inclined, bottle-fed on Sesame Street, the title represents the easily recognized second line from the Alphabet Song, minus a single consonant. A deeper meaning emerges during the holiday season, that special time when the DeBeers commercial and a third tier jewelry chain remind us that every kiss begins with K, alerting thoughtless, ignorant men to listen to a different tune. 

foreversolitairering2.jpghotbox_lovesembrace.jpgEven with hearing impairment, the hummed version of “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” sounds like Big Bird on a bullhorn.


Hence, my personal disdain for the letter K.  

Locally in this fishing paradise, a 12 y/o entrepreneur markets earthworms to eager anglers under the catchphrase, “Kyle’s Krawlers”.  

Kute, you little runt.


Nearby, on M-55, we have the Kountry Korner Kitchen.  Maybe I’ll stop by for the menu favorite, korn on the kob.  

If I don’t hurl first.

How many miles can you drive before a billboard announces an upcoming KOA, with its kozy kamping kabins ? May I have 3-way hookup and a barf bag, please ?

Once, years ago, somewhere in rural North Carolina, we came across (this is from memory) Karen and Kathie’s Koffee Klatch, Kandles, Kurios, Kouture, Kurl salon, and fine Kuisine.  Alliterative hell.  You could smell the sickening sweetness of potpourri aroma for miles in every direction.

Made me want to puque.