save the last dance for me

Jack…..January 1, 2004-December 28, 2013.

He arrived at our Airstream 8 years ago, 20 pounds of sleek black hair, lightning quick on four legs, a small mixed breed without aristocratic provenance…simply a 2 y/o terrier pup rescued from an Indiana shelter by a caring high school English teacher.

He soon adapted to our habits and quietly, systematically, tranformed us into the pet owners he knew we could be.  He walked me daily.  Everywhere and anywhere, never allowing me a measure of physical decadence nor denying him the joy to discover the infinite aromas in the real world.  We were a team, Jack and me, and then we rested.


Accomodating to golf on TV, which he found quite boring

Jack became a friend to everyone, a special intoxicating presence, who knew when, and where, and how much, the human world needed him. He had an aura.



Play ?  Nothing better than a day on his beach or chasing a squirrel

In the past month, in blatant disregard of the dogma, ‘you can’t teach an old dog a new trick’, Lynn had, with the aid of a few treats, taught him how to dance.  No threat to Astaire and Rogers, they managed a nice tango together.  At the least, they thought they could dance.

He was, like so many family pets, a dog for the ages.  My constant companion for eight years, connected together at the heart, the emotional vacuum will heal over time.  It must.  Those of you, like us, who have outlived their special companions, know the emptiness.


Jack, on duty 28Aug 2011, 9 days before Lynn’s transplant call,

               he sensed the future before everyone else

He had watched over Lynn during her most trying days, allowing her spirit to soar when she needed it most.  The intimacy, while snuggling together, created a bond like mother and child, one they shared to the very end while she caressed that face during his final breaths.  The breaths that ended too soon.


One little kiss, no more

The tears we are shedding…..they are the tears of joy and happiness, thankful for the years he gave to us.

For Lynn, she’ll never forget, Jack saved the last dance for her.  Tiptoe to heaven little guy, you were the very best.


insightout© 2013

In memory  of:

Heinz, Kramer, Yooper, Sage, Teddie, Sandy, Louie, Brandy II, Cinch, Ruby, Penny, Norah, Zimba




  1. Gary Estep says

    So sorry, our fur friends are indeed angels with paws while they are with us. I have laughed right along with you as I read of Jack’s outrageous and outgoing personality over the years. We keep all of you in our closest thoughts.

  2. Ed and Susan Boecher says

    A beautiful tribute to a wonderful dog. Jack was the best, and we are very sad to learn of his passing. A difficult time lies ahead as you adjust to the void. You and Lynn are in our thoughts and prayers. We are very sad for you.

  3. says

    When I saw your email title, “Saying good-bye to our little dog, Jack”, my immediate thought was, “Say it isn’t so!”, as my eyes watered.

    I first met Jack 6 years ago as you introduced him in your first post, “Breakfast before liftoff”: ” Say hello to Jack; a terrier of suspicious ancestry, likely the result of hasty, unplanned dog sex, and my constant companion on the road. Since he does not have a driver’s license, he may take time to write entries of his own.”

    And so we saw the world through Jack’s clear eyes in his first post, “Dog Dialogue; Welcome to Jack’s world”, January 19, 2008.

    Oh, when my koi fish can live 30 years and my Umbrella Cockatoo 40-60 years, why can’t our dear canine friends live longer?! In the pursuit of dog survival, I would give the geneticist a big hug today to find a way!

    Yes, my eyes are watering, but I am happy and thankful for the years you, Jack, and Lynn have shared with us!

    In memory ☗ of:
    Jiji, Tabin, Pau Yu, Pau Chai, DeeDee, and Pau Hoa

  4. M & D Warren says

    Jack was a dear friend of the Warren Family. He loved to visit and run wild with Ruby in the yard. Our Ruby has been in dog heaven for 7 months. I can see it all now: Jack drinks the can of beer, and Ruby has a great chase with the empty!! It’s just like old times! Great friends are forever.

  5. Jim Luikens says

    Jack was something special to all of us. Unfortunately, you must carry the heaviest burden of all but know that we share your grief and would change the situation if we could.

  6. Nancy, your kid says

    I love you Mom and Dad. Losing Jack just sucks. Period. He was so sweet and spry that I thought we’d all have him around for at least a few more years. He did have a happy life—so lucky to have you two as his family. P.S. He and Teddy are a tie for my favorite dogs ever. And I’ve known a lot of dogs in 45 years. (But I think Louie was the cutest)

  7. Mark and Lucy Bahn says

    Lynn and Charlie,
    We’re so sad to hear this news. All of us enjoyed Jack so much when he was here with us. Truly a remarkable dog. Hugs to you both!

  8. slowjt says

    Chas, Lynn,

    These are not my words but they are beautiful and seem an
    appropriate tribute to Jack.

    When your emotions don’t run away from you, give the song
    a listen – it is beautiful.

    Your friend for as long as we shall live.


    Piper to the End Words by Mark Knopfler

    Ode to Jack

    When I leave this world behind me
    To an-other I will go
    And if there are no pipes in heaven
    I’ll be going down below

    If friends in time be severed
    Someday we—will meet again
    I’ll return– to leave you never
    Be a piper to the end

    This has been a day to cry for
    Now the day is almost done
    Up above a quiet sea-bird
    Turns to face the setting sun
    Now the evening dove is calling
    And all the hills are burning red
    And before the night comes falling
    Clouds are lined with golden thread

    We watched the fires to-gether
    Shared our quarters for a while
    Walked the dusty roads to gether
    Came so many miles

    This has been a day to die on
    Now the day is almost done
    Here the pipes— will lay beside me
    Silent with the battle drum

    If friends in time be severed
    Someday we will meet a gain
    I’ll return to leave you never
    Be a piper to the end

  9. Chanda says

    Something that I can’t explain told me to check your blog, and when I saw the title, I couldn’t even read it for several minutes because I knew what was coming, even though a part of me still hopes all dogs live forever.

    After I rescued Jack from that dingy little Indiana shelter, he saved my life. And although it breaks my heart to know he’s gone, I know he was so incredibly loved and cherished by you and he lived every day in paradise.

    I’m so sorry for your loss, he will be greatly missed.

  10. Dan Telfer says

    Two and 1/2 years ago I lost my best buddy, Rufus. Like Jack, he was a terrier mix and a devoted, loyal and playful companion. I still miss him to this day even though I still have Oliver, a Westie, and Indie, a very old and feeble cat. To see how we feel about our pets, look up the poem,”The Rainbow Bridge”, on the internet.