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DeTour Village, Michigan

Preparations underway for Saratoga Springs, NY, and the inaugural launch of the Vintage Trailer Jam, a watershed moment in RV history, we are burdened by a major decision.  Should we take ?

  • Pre-WWII wagon from our villa in Tuscany, powered by the 1923 Paige, or
  • The not so vintage, 1986 Excella, in hibernation after an unusually harsh winter


 dscn0782.JPG     OR          dscn0183.JPGAlthough both are pictured here, our dilemma is solved by choosing the latter.        

Jack, unsure of his loyalty, must decide between his favorite vertical target, the fire hydrant surrounded by affalo grass, or shotgun seating in the Silverado.          dscn0577.JPG

Our major companion, Lynn, reacted rather predictably when I proposed the 1,100 mile trip to dry-camp for four days in a mosquito infested state park, the same state whose Governor was recently dismissed for keeping company with prostitutes. No ambivalence here as she responded,  “you want to go where ?”,  

“to do what ?”,

“for how long ?”

Evidently she does not follow the  Tour of America  or the fascinating  R. Luhr blog site. In fact, I recently overheard her in a whispered conversation with a ‘friend’ as she was requesting advice on how to have her cell phone records erased. Next, by examining her computer history, I discovered that her two most visited websites are  E-Harmony  and  Match.Com  .

Any suspicions I might have had were completely unfounded as she explained that she really liked that smarmy spokesperson, the toothy guy with the engaging smile, that founded E-Harmony, and all the wonderful stories of couples finding one another. Like watching  The Hallmark Channel  on your computer while searching for sword swallowers or ukelele players, she explained.

 Was I relieved ?  Oh my, yes.   I was certain that she planned to replace me with an ocarina maestro, a lyre strummer, a picker of the Jew’s harp, or some other obscure, and thankfully forgotten talent in the trash heap of musical lore.

Tomorrow, our relationship happily rescued by watching Dr. Phil reruns, and the promise to see the visiting company of the New York City Ballet Troupe, we begin the trip eastward to Saratoga.

My next entry will address name badges and other forms of dictatorship. Not rated PG-13, it will contain (L,AS, N, V).          


  1. admin says

    What is L, AS, N, and V? Surely not Language, Adult Situations, Nudity and Violence. This is a family environment, doc. … well, in your case, maybe Manson Family.

    Must be Lightheartedness, AirsStreams, Nylgut (used to string ukuleles), and Valor.

    Have a nice drive to Saratoga Springs. The weather’s fine.

    PS: Tell Lynn to check heartdetectives.com too.