Global Implosion; Earth, as we know it, has ended….

stay tuned for the six o’clock news to learn full details.

 Exhausted by ‘teasers’, the suction attempt by the network affiliates to do something, anything, to prevent your channel surfing ?

 Too bad, it’s a sign of the times.

Conversely, for comic relief, it is a time for some signs.

 A joy in traveling is the often simple signs that stimulate your imagination.  A sampling follows.

dscn0446.JPGIn Patagonia, Arizona,  Kermit failed to complete his anger management re-hab.


We’ve all seen the admonition at the entry to some retail businesses, “No shirt, No shoes, No service”.  Makes you wonder if  Charles Barkley, wearing a MADD tee shirt, a pair of Foot-Joys, but otherwise buck naked, would be offered seating at the IHOP.  But what is this all about ?


A public parking lot, Sligo, north west coast of Ireland.


Would you be inspired to change your morning pre-coffee and toast routine ?


Rancho Carrillo, shortly after dawn, rural Orange County, southern California


 He was one of the  Israelite  exiles who settled at a place, the  mound of the deluge, on the banks the  Chebar River,according to wikipedia, 600 years before Christ:


In Mackinaw City, Michigan, a religious zealot promotes his favorite brand of healthy bread  


The guy above prompts the need for:


On a side country road, Drummond Island, Michigan


Just another deafening day for the world, hopelessly twirling into a black hole, the sound of flushing piercing the evening news, this last sign says it all:


The epitaph, on the Pickford, Michigan grain mill~~1909