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Type: celebrity
Yes, you, you can become famous, an actual celebrity, with your own blogsite

( publisher’s prior approval required)

Allow your dreams of being published to come true, in your own words,

before a global internet audience of millions.

Fame, fortune, and the likelihood of being spammed

by unscrupulous sellers of cheap foreign knock-offs, await you;

why wait ?

The blogger is retiring and will provide introductory guidance

to the winning bidder:

  • How to use WordPress, the leading internet blogware
  • Infuriate and offend the largest number of readers with the fewest words
  • Hobnob with Airstream loyalty
  • Describe in detail your frustration with the *#@! Hensley Hitch
  • (see attached photo) then don’t put in a photo…..confuse everyone including yourself

Be on the ‘same page’ as excited subscribers.

Use catchy, overused, meaningless cliches at will.

Think outside the box while you pick low-hanging fruit from an 800 lb. gorilla

created by the paradigm shift as you hit the ground running.  Give it 110% as you bring

the synergy of your “A” game while your traction creates the perfect storm.  

Run it up the flagpole and see who salutes, while you, yes, you step up to the plate,

put lipstick on the pig, and throw the readers under the bus.

Plagiarize Hemingway, it’s permissible, he’s been gone for 51 years.

Who cares, it’s your column !


  Live the life … the Airstream Life!

Everything Airstream, all the time.
Destinations, people, events, tips, buying advice,
humor, and much more!
Subscribe to Airstream Life today!

‘Push the envelope’ at big time events like this one below:

Alumapalooza 2012
Don’t miss the best Airstream event of the year!



You can write nonsense like the example below

and receive a personal response from her

wheel of fortune highness, Vanna [nee Rosich] White. 

Join with other popular bloggers on the same page:

  • History Safari Express
  • Man in the Maze
  • Tales from the Shop
  • Bert Gildart
  • Vintage Airstream Life
  • Dreamstreamr Odyssey

You will be purchasing the blog of the author below.  

Just think, your very own photograph.  

Your very own bio.  Or you can use mine if it doesn’t embarrass.

About the Author


Retired 1997.

Frequent travel.

Loyal companions: wife, Lynn; dog, Jack.

Avocation: writing social and political satire.

Past life: three decade clinical pharmacy owner.

Now in recovery.Location: Northern Indiana, Eastern U.P. of Michigan, Southern Arizona

No telephone;



Bid now, bid often, bid with impunity.

When will another opportunity like this surface ?

If it sounds too good to be true……IT IS NOT.  Join the bleeding edge of

contemporary publishing; no need to buy a vowel or a consonant, all 26 are available

all day, all the time to the high bidder,

even the misunderstood and always misogynous letter “Y”.

Win win.

PayPal or Cash !

p.s.  please note the date of this entry

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  1. says

    Yes, yes… here’s my bid of 2 sense worth.

    Now, if I can only get the other authors of this insightful, helpful, vintage, and historical community to put their blogs up for sale, I’ll be smarter than my tools and will be able to travel the long strange road through The Maze… and always stay on top!

  2. Rich Luhr says

    Ah, doc, you can’t retire! You’re a public service. Who else will keep the younger generations in check with curmudgeonly commentary, as sharp as Valdeon blue cheese? Where else can you infuriate so many people so easily? Who will butcher the sacred cows for us?

    April 1 is an inauspicious day to retire anyway. I’ll see your buck and raise you fifty cents … plus lunch.

  3. eBay compliance says

    The listing fails to comply with eBay policy per;

    Find out how we are protecting copyrights, trademarks, and other rights as they may apply.

    Your eBay compliance team