Introducing Mrs. Wilson….

Wearing nothing but a halter top, frightening full frontal nudity, that which follows may be unsuitable, a rating of PG-55 for the easily offended. A six month Insightout absence, a vacuum created by the loss of family pet, Jack, is over.

The grieving, the failed attempt to establish a website,, was not working by early April, 2014. A visit to the local Pet Refuge reversed course; a two y/o female (gasp), rescued and fostered by a loving couple, was available. With zero Westminster breeding, and much more likely the result of hasty, unplanned dog sex, she appeared to be 12 pounds of terrier exhibiting a less than subtle attention-deficit disorder; imagine popping corn in a microwave.


Naming her would be a hurdle. Calling her Orville Redenbacher would cross a sexual boundary. And maybe subject her to a suit from Old Orv’s intellectual property lawyer. Her markings were similar, in miniature, to those of a famed pinto pony, Scout*. Once again, crossing the gender line, nixed Scout. Monikers like Butterscotch and Cafe Au Lait sounded curiously Starbucksian. No thanks a latte.

To those of you familiar with the geography of southeast Asia, her dorsal fur resembled Malaysia to the east and Sumatra to the west….but who would name their dog “Strait of Mallay”?


Days after the ‘adoption’, when she failed to respond to a command, my friend said, “can’t you call her by name” ? How dumb is that…naming your dog, Byname. Better that, I suppose, than Beyonce.

And so it went for a week. During a quiet moment of contemplation, our eyes deeply embraced, I realized this furball, like Jack before her, was destined to transform me to a better self. Behind that cornea emerged the vision of Washington Grade School, Hammond, Indiana, 1953, and a 14 y/o dyslexic kid. A chronic troublemaker whose future changed when an elderly teacher, Margaret Wilson, triggered his discovery of mathematics.

Who among us has not had a life altered, by a thoughtful, caring person with no intension of personal gain, yet who never lived to witness the ripple on the pond.


The gratitude and fondness for one lady, a silver-haired arithmetic teacher, sixty years later, has never waned.

In remembrance… Mrs. Wilson ‚¨á

Airborne, on a favorite beach, the deserted north shore of Lake Huron




* Tonto, sidekick to the Lone Ranger




  1. Rich Luhr says

    Welcome Mrs. Wilson! I look forward to meeting you this winter.

    I also can think of long-passed former teachers who had a huge influence on me. Maybe this means someday I will own an A.D.D. dog named Mrs. Moore, or Mr. Carter.

  2. says

    Welcome back and thanks for introducing us to Mrs. Wilson… I think Jack would approve!

    The name “Mrs. Wilson” sounds fine, but I suspect that you’ll be shortening it to “Wilson” after awhile and not be concerned with gender or proprietary concerns.

    And when she misbehaves, you can always call her “Helen”!

    • insightout says

      Bill, you’re too perceptive. On more than one occasion I’ve dropped the Mrs. and said, “Wilson, you little bleep“.

  3. Gary Estep says

    Well done Chas! And a rescue doggie at that. We have four of them. They are universally unsufferable (if that is a word), but somehow wiggled their way in here. Actually, I have no dogs, but Julie has four. I sigh a lot.

  4. Dan T says

    I recently donated some money to a theatrical group in honor of a high school teacher at Kalamazoo Central, Howard Chenery. Congratulations on Mrs Wilson. I am happy for you, and for Mrs Wilson,too!

  5. Ann Carol Nash says

    What a beautiful tribute to your teacher! Mr. Hoevel in 11th grade US History was my inspiration.